Rent priced in Silver

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▶️ The price of rent just keeps going up - if you can even find a place - but the price of precious metals (like silver) aren't keeping pace! In this video, I calculate how many ounces of silver bullion could be bought with a month's rent over the past 15 years. I also discuss the current dire rental situation here in BC, and how it is personally impacting my family.

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Note: Here is me just arriving here 3 years ago to put down long-term roots.


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Between crytpo and silver this has been one of my worst years ever as an investor. Fortunately I'm diversified enough, and Thailand is cheap enough....I can ride this out. Meanwhile inflation at all time highs. I think we are searching for a bottom though in both right around here. Silver breaking out above 30 would very much be a game changer for me. I thinks it's just a matter of time, btc for that matter as well.

I just finished watching the video. It's absurd that rent is more expensive than silver. You spoke about rent a few days before now too. Your rents in Canada are too high