Kill to live!

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No one is unlucky and has no right to complain about luck because we are the only winners of the first race we entered.

Yes, if we want to see the champion of the race that started with millions of sperm, it will be enough for each of us to look in the mirror. In this race, we are the only sperm reaching the egg, and as a necessity, we are living creatures.

We are the realization and embodiment of a one-in-a-million possibility. We should not find it strange that life, which started with a race, continues in a racing mood. If we go back to the beginning, we are the winners of the first race.

When we think about the beginning of our lives, there are billions of people we can agree on about luck and race, and I don't think anyone who looks at it from that perspective would object to that.

So, what could be the reason for our objections and denials about bad luck that begin right after our consciousness is formed and we have emerged from the partial childhood stage? I do not want to approach the subject from a religious point of view, I can more or less guess that all the holy books on this subject will be similar.

“I am unlucky, even born unlucky.”

"If I had the chance, I would have been born into a wealthy family."

"Why is luck never on my side?"

"If I had the chance, I would have been born a boy instead of a girl from my mother." Or vice versa, the common point of all sentences includes my pessimism about luck.

“Actually, you are lucky” because there are millions of people who lost their lives before they reached your age.

“You are lucky” because there are millions of people who do not know what it means to take a step.

“You are lucky” because there are millions of people who will not see what they see in their entire life.

Examples like this may multiply, and some examples from your environment may come to mind or come to life in your eyes while reading.

So why don't we give up on luck!

Let's go back to the beginning,

So to this world famous big race!

I'm not talking about the privacy of our parents, after all we know what needs to happen for a baby to be born, I'm talking about the race of millions of sperm with each other, if we go back to that moment, since we were the winners of the race and we are still breathing as winners, what happened to the losers of the race?

What happened to our millions of sperm brothers?

Since we were the lucky sperm reaching the egg and got the right to live, the others did not get this right to live. In other words, they're all dead! In a race where life is the prize, it can be considered normal for losers to end up with death. If we think about it, it is obvious that no one will worry about it.

If we approach the event with this logic, we leave the others to die as lucky sperm reaching the egg in order to exist, which may make us a murderer indirectly. Now we're not going to sit down and do this on conscience, because this example would be a bit of a stretch. After all, each of them had no chance of survival in the rules of the race anyway, since we are champions who only win by following the rules, why should we worry about this?

The life that started with the race continues with different races in different lanes. Maybe not every loser dies, but just as the winner gains something, the loser moves away from some values. In some special exceptional cases, every win may not lead to a real win, and not every loss to a real loss. In the ordinary course of life, some losses can have beneficial results.

The races of life can end in death, when death comes it's all over and the race is over. When we consider it from a straight logic framework, we can see that even death includes a race.

We can also see those who live their life a lot or those who live their lives to the fullest as the winners of the death race.

So instead of living too much, I choose to live life to the fullest, and I will live my remaining time accordingly.

The only problem here is that everything is not in our hands and our fate will be decisive.

Thank you for reading.

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