This is the 131th day mobile photoshoot.

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Hello friends, today is a holiday. I go for a walk in my fields. Got to see a lot along the way. I walk about 5 to 6 kms. This is the longest road for me. After some time I have reached my fields. I have planted a guava tree in my fields. But guava has started coming on it. Then a bird comes. She keeps flying around me. First she is sitting on the wall. Then she sits near the drain. And for some time it has sat on a wire. And she's walking around. This is such a beautiful moment.





![20220317_075605.jpg](UPLOAD FAILED)

Photos captured by@ahlawat
Camera DeviceLG Q60 Rear Camera 16MP
CategoryNature, Photography, Flowers, Animals, Birds
EditedCaptured one
I hope you like this.You are all welcome.
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