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Photo of the day :)

Ziniya pink flower

Hi guys
My today's photography is of pink ziniya flower. as I told in my previous post that I have grown many ziniya plants at my home, on which flowers have started blooming nowadays, I have used multi-coloured flowers.Red, orange, white and pink flowers have come on them, my today's photography is of pink flowers, about 6 days ago, the bud came on this plant, which was playing slowly, which after about 7 days today went into flower.These dark pink colored flowers are looking very attractive.These flowers remain bloom for about 10 to 15 days. hope you guys will like my flowers.
Thank you








Photos captured by@reetuahlawat
Camera DeviceRedmi 9A Rear Camera 13MP
CategoryPhotography, Flowers, Beauty of Nature
EditedCaptured one
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