Saved in the soul

in iduvts •  2 months ago 

Saved in the soul


Saved in the soul
Your name is still stored in this galaxy of hearts
Tucked away in the universe of souls
It's getting more and more attached
Along the road of memories that I've been through
I feel your presence is still with me

If you hear the deepest voice of the heart
I honestly admit
I still have love for you
Even though you're both now
This heart and feeling is still the same
Will not fade, erased by time
Even though we are no longer together

Always your shadow is stored in the soul
Keep living and I will always take care of you
Even though now everything is different
The moment where you have gone
I won't let this feeling die
Let it continue to lean on this heart♡
I will not regret
Even though I can only have you in a dream
Even if I will forever be lost in illusion
Because love doesn't always have to have.

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