You - Poetry

in iduvts •  2 months ago 



You, the first man in my life
You, the one who taught me to know love
You, the bright light behind my dark self
And you, the umbrella of sadness that keeps me from falling

Love, you are in my life now
No one else understands
The woman who is already in the silence
You seem to motivate yourself
Step forward without turning back
Meet the feeling called pain

Thanks for everything, baby
You have met me with a smile
What I couldn't imagine before
This love has changed the shadow gap
The darkness and silence has disappeared
Replaced by the sun that does not hesitate to come

Once again, thank you
For every wound that you sign
For me who is all lacking
I'm still thinking of one question
Why me?
But you only put on a smile
Then, you hold this shoulder
And say beautiful words afterwards
"You are my motivation every little step, because you love me"

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