Natural beauty

in iduvts •  last year 

While going to enjoy the sunset on the river bank that day, many paddy fields were seen on both sides of the road.
Dazzling greenery all around.
Young rice grains have come out from the young tip of rice.
And the grains of rice are swaying in the afternoon breeze.







That scene was very charming.
So I could not handle the greed and went to the paddy field and touched the grain of rice.
How they trembled with joy at the touch of my hand.
He started swinging around again.
I was also fascinated for a long time watching the scene of playing this game of rice grains.




Then as the evening approached I took some pictures and returned home.
However, the sight of the lush greenery and the swaying of the rice grains is still in my mind again and again.
Sometimes leave all artificiality and spend some time in contact with nature.
You will see that the mind is filled with great tranquility.

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