Human Genome Editing In A Live Human

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From John Hopkins Center for Health Security.....

Episode #4: Human Genome Editing

An Interview with Dr. Kazuto Kato, Professor of Biomedical Ethics & Public Policy, Osaka University

This video is 20 minutes long and worth your time in my opinion. Interesting podcast and a frank discussion of the current risks and ethical concerns of gene editing in humans.

Provided Timestamps:

0.00 Introduction
1:03 Guest Introduction
2:02 About genome editing
3:41 Biggest Risks
4:31 Mitigation
5:31 Diversity of Applications
7:17 Ethical Issues
10:06 Crispr Babies
11:31 Who Expert Committee
13:25 Code of Conduct

What really stood out to me was the risks discussed here. Remember this is a discussion about gene modification in a live human being. An injection to kick this gene therapy off. One was called off-targeting. The modifying of the wrong genes basically. The other is the targeted gene is not properly modified. Abnormal or incomplete modification.

This reminds me of the concerns I had in the beginning of the mRNA technology roll out. How to control which cells uptake the payload and how to control how much spike protein is produced in the body. Of course, anyone with those concerns and questions were trouble makers.

This is important in my view because it shows "the science" isn't as advanced or clear as those rolling it out would like the public to believe. All this new technology is far from safe and effective at this point.

Science is the study of creation. Technology is when humans do the creating. Usually with just wee bit of arrogance.

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