A World With Existing Dinosaurs

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Ever thought of how it would feel like to still have dinosaurs on earth?? Ever imagined having one as a pet or a guard?? Oh well, too bad no one alive could have possibly lived in those times… Must have been quite an adventure I must say.


Wondering why I’m suddenly feeling this way?
Well I just watched the recent ‘Jurassic World Dominion 2022’ movie and it is quite a good one. A major plot consisted of Dinosaurs evading the earth. Quite intruging right? For some reason I find this very fascinating. I understand that they are usually termed wild and dangerous creatures but I’m certain that if they still existed, man would find a way to domesticate some species… this is the age of technology afterall.

Speaking of domestication, I always felt like a majority of dinosaurs where carnivores but after a few research on Google a higher percent of them were actually herbivores although the omnivores also existed. Oh well, no one wants to get eaten by their pet lol. The truth of the story is that dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago so our thesis and theory may or may not be on point.

With the way dinosaurs are being portrayed on tv, the height, sharp tooth and claws, menacing roars, I’m certain that catching sight of them can cause paralysis and make you pee your pants but then again there should be some cute ones. People keep lots of reptiles as pets, lizards, snakes, crocodiles and turtles, I find these animals really weird to keep as pets but who am I to judge? Everyone has their tastes and distaste’s and it’s perfectly fine. Take for example the movie ‘Stranger Things’ Dustin had kept a baby demogorgon as a pet and called it cute certain times, like that isn’t weird lol.

Well I believe training a Dino like a dog could work actually; fetch, sit, shake. Too bad we won’t be able to experience that, at least not in this era,

But then again I’ve talked on how nice The experience might be but what if it turns out to be a sour event?
Well technically in majority of Dino themed movies, the Dino’s are well known for causing havoc, killing and eating any living thing on its path, destroying cities etc, oh well, that’s an adventure I definitely do not want to be part off!

Can dinors be eaten??
Well this is a funny question, before civilization man ate literally anything so I’m guessing this shouldn’t be an exception. It is part of the circle of life Just as Mufasa had explained in the movie “Lion King”
’When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass, so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.’
I wonder what it would taste like anyways, for now it’ll only be a wonder.

Final Thoughts
Dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago and no one has any idea on any future appearances although there has been a theory of Dino’s resurfacing in 2050. Well this could be real or just another conspiracy theory but for now, we’ll just sit back, watch our movies and enjoy.

Seen ‘Jurassic world Dominion 2022’ yet?**** I hope you enjoy

Have a nice day

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