Help!!! The Weather Is After Me!!!

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The flu is gradually spreading, I barely catch a cold but now I’ve got one and it’s quite severe. June/July marked the beginning of the rainy season much to my happiness, I love the chills the rain gives, the sound of the rain is also soothing to my soul and best of all the feel of the weather while it rains helps me sleep like a new born.


But, I have been ignorant to its effect on others, now I understand why people dread this reason. It comes with an illness of its own -the cold and the flu. I barely catch a cold and it’s one thing I dread the most, runny nose, nasal congestion, cough etc. These are very inconveniencing to myself, and now I have caught it.

I hear a lot of people complain of how much they hated the cold weather but I usually rolled my eyes at how outrageous it sounded, ’why would someone hate the rain?’ Now I am in their shoes I understand why they curss at the rain so much!!!

It started with my mom, she usually goes for her morning jogs at 6am, but since it’s a rainy season, the weather temperature usually goes lower than usual especially at the early hours of the morning. But she still Carried on with her daily routine up until she caught a cold. Oh well, I guess she’ll have to take a chill from jogging for a while.

I had to tend to her needs as usual, but now I have contacted it as well as every one staying at home. Seeing how fast it spread the first thought that came to my mind was Covid, however a majority of us have taken the vaccines, and all tests done proved we were safe, so I guess it’s just the flu.

Out of everyone mine is apparently the worst of them all, I had to check in at our family hospital and I was diagnosed with the flu/cold. It came with a serious migraines, body pains and fever which gets worse at night. Well I think I am a major contributor, seeing as I am one who likes the cold, I barely bath hot water no matter the condition of the weather, I am with they term ’a cold water freak’ because I always drink cold water and I always put on my air condition despite the weather, so I guess this also contributed to how I am correctly feeling. It’s been a long time since I caught a cold, and this isn’t a feeling I have missed honestly. I feel so terrible, it raining right now and I’m tangled up in my duvet. can the rain just stop already?

The drugs I got doesn’t seem to have an effect yet, maybe in a few days there should be improvement but for now, I guess I’ll just stick to my bed, sipping my hot tea while wallowing in self pity!

Thank you for reading
Stay safe guys
Dont catch a cold!!

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Sorry about that. I love rainy season so much but I can't stand a chance contacting the flu. I hope you take care of yourself better and avoid cold too. Stay safe and strong.

I used to enjoy the weather until now
Thank you 🙏
I’ll be fine in no time