Love language~ Does zodiac signs tally? Or is it false?

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I recently attended a slumber party with my friends, you know the drill, juicy gossip, food, games, makeup, music, girl talk etc. All in aim of letting off some steam and catching up with ourselves.
Along the line the topic of ‘love language’ was brought up and it got me thinking. ”what is my love language?” ”Do I have one?”


Questions debated on where: How do you prefer to be loved? how do you love? By love here I don’t refer to the causal agape or platonic love. I’m centering on romantic relationships and entanglements.

Well some people had really crazy answers, some where agreeable and some where not soo agreeable while sounded unappealing to my ears. But oh well, we all have preferences.

I have always understood that we all love differently but then again I remembered I usually come across statements linking Zodiac signs (Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Leo, Sagarritus, Libra, Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius, cancer) and love languages. Well I never 100% believed in zodiac signs, But I still think there’s a little truth in them. It won’t be all correct, but some part of it should be accurate.

What are the love language’s?

  1. acts of service
  2. receiving gifts
  3. quality time
  4. physical touch
  5. Words of affirmation

They’re all quite self explanatory so which is yours? I am an Aries and from my little research the love language of an Aries is ‘Words Of Affirmation’
Well, this is actually correct, I know and understand myself however I still crave and Need the other 4 languages. Why choose one when you can have all?
Well I guess we can term the top languages as primary, that way others can fit underneath.
So In other words all the languages are my love language. Regardless I still feel you don’t have to belong to a particular sign to have a particular way of loving because our feelings and minds are not entwined.

In the course Of our conversation,it was understood that everyone wants to receive love in the best possible way it could be which should In turn be expressed and reciprocated as well. Wether we disagreed with each other or not, reality will tell the actual truth.

Oh well, it was a nice sleep over, fun and enlightening!!

What is your Zodiac sign? And what is your love language??

Thank you for reading
Have a nice day

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Nice party you had there😊

Am into astrological stuffs as research of interest and do believe that language for the most if not all part

Mine is Leo
Didn't really check the primary love language but personally
am more of the quality type and dislike long distance relationships

Awwwn nice
Well sometimes it matches and sometimes it doesn’t
Thank you

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