My Noodle Addiction

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Noodles are quite common all over he world, comes in different types, tastes, shapes and produced by different companies. It’s a fast food accepted world wide and loved by millions.

I am what they refer to as ‘an indomie girl’


Wondering what indomie is??
Well, it’s a top brand of noodles in Nigeria and my favorite one at that, hence the name indomie girl -a nickname given to kids who love eating noodles.
It comes in different flavours and spices and are kids favorite.

The beginning
I can’t remember much of how it started, but I have loved and consumed noodles since I was a child. I was told that as a child I barely liked eating, but the first time I was fed noodles, it was the opposite. I mean I know I barely had teeth but my mom would mesh it for easier consumption. Since then, I’ve just always loved it and preferably served hot. At a point I used to make my mom prepare it in a juicy way, what was called ’indomie peppersoup’ back then and some other times I would like it burnt. I must have been a weird child lol but I sure loved my noodles.

The fact that it is highly affordable, it takes little time to be prepared and can be made in different ways and recipes is great. Boiled, fried, juicy, dry, cheesy etc. I like to pair mine with plantains, proteins, vegetables and I’ve actually tried it with a salad as well lol, I like to experiment with my food. I really can’t explain but there’s something really addicting about noodles.

How I like my noodles
I like it cooked with a little amount of water, no one likes soggy noodles, plus with enough spice and onions. I really don’t understand why someone would make them without onions, I mean the indomie company had to produce the ‘the onion flavoured pack’ for onion lovers!! I add a lot of pepper to it, Im always up for challenges. Sometimes I would fry it and garnish it with proteins and some days I would leave it band with just vegetables but, it must be spicy.

Are noodles junk?
Millions of people eat noodles constantly but I guess they are unaware of the risks or shut a blind eye to it. Well could you blame them? It’s tastes really good. But then again are noodles junk or actual food? These are fast foods so I guess they can be classified as junks, ugh!! So much fat!

Health Risks
One thing that bothers Me is the health risks. It comes with a lot of calories which when overly consumed puts the body at high risks of ailments from high sodium, cholesterol and refined cabs. A friend actually told me she read somewhere that it takes over 48hrs to digest, reducing the Metabolism capacity of the human system. Scary right??

Wondering why I still eat it?
Well it isn’t easy to just stop overtime, I’ve decided to reduce how often I eat it as well as the quantity I consume. During school times, I usually ate it a lot since it barely takes time to be ready but now I haven’t been going to school I realized I still eat it often. I’ve decided to work on this addiction as I have noticed the weight I have put on overtime. I realized off late that I don’t even bother about food, because I know I have cartons of noodles available, lol maybe I’ll add vegetables to make it a balanced diet? Well it’s still cheating so that’s a no!

Final thoughts
In as much as it won’t be easy, I’ve decided to cut down on it, maybe one day I’d stop eating it totally who knows? For now I’ll just try my best. I visited the hospital for a check up and I’m quite alright but I’ve done my research and I’m aware that damaging the body doesn’t just start once, it is a process carried on for a long time. So I’ve decided to retrace my steps. It won’t be easy tho but I’ve decided to take more fruits, make smoothies and milkshakes and visit the gym as well.

Do you like noodles? How often do you eat it? How best do you like it prepared?

Thanks for reading
Have a nice day

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Right now, I am also disciplining myself in the consumption of Indomie. I don't think there's anyone around me who could beat me with the way I eat it. Many times, if I don't eat Indomie four times a week, I won't be calm. I sha must taste it somehow 😂😂😂

But now?? I stopped buying the carton at home because of that. Indomie has its own side effects and one has to reduce the number of it.

But, I can't stop it completely 😅😅

😂😂stopping yourself from getting the carton is a big step! But it’s too sweet o, we will manage

We will definitely manage 😁

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