We Are Not As Good Or Bad As We Think We are

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I have come to Understand that despite how graceful, kind or good you think you are, there is someone out there who thinks the opposite of you. I guess that’s life…

Universally, before judgement it is adviced to hear the stories of every party in dispute, truth be told the usual
reason of prolonged arguing is the fact that each party of that argument assumes they are good or right? So who then is wrong? Now, everyone has their own perspectives and we may not all agree to a stance however, does that make those with other perspectives bad? Or can we still be classified as good?


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the way I would perceive or react to something may differ from how another person would. Also, I may behave in a way which I feel is quite alright but another party won’t find it okay at all, it may or may not be right but In my mind it’s nothing. And this is where my point is centred on.

The human mind is programmed to think differently, we think, respond and act in different ways which might not be agreed on. Let’s take for example people who are termed ’rude’ now, I can say most of them are barely aware of their utterances and how it affects people. In there minds they talk like other people but On the other hand, what we hear in our ears is pure sauciness in their speech. They are mostly oblivious to the fact and would flatly argue that they did nothing wrong because to them, they actually didn’t do nothing!

Let me take myself as an example: I think I’m a nice person right? but do others think so? I know that not everyone is going to like me and that’s fine as well, there may probably be people I’ve hurt with my words or actions who hold it their minds, and there are still people who have hurt me as well. They may perceive me as terrible, but their are still people who would come out to say I’m the ’sweetest’
Oh well, it’s just life, a circle of life.. if I can put it that way.

Another valid point should be ’relationships’ Now, it’s quite normal to get into relationships from a certain age, however not every relationship lasts. A majority of people barely end up with their highschool/college dates. Along the line there might probably be a fall out leading to a separation, either from misunderstanding, cheating, problems etc. The chances of both of you separating with enimity is usually high in the sense that one party hurt the other. Now, the partner who has been hurt can deem the other to be mean, evil or wicked. But trust me, there’s still another person who would see them as an Angel. In this stance is he/she as bad as you think he is or are you as good as you think you are?

However there’s difference between knowing that you’re wrong and being oblivious to the fact that your wrong, its either intentional or unintentional.
Hurting someone with intent is the meanest thing to do but when you are unconscious of this act, I think we can cut you some slack until reality kicks in, at that point you either retrace your step or you don’t. Then we’ll get to know who you really are. But then again is that really a true judge of character?

The key is to just be yourself, a law of balance is that not everyone or everything will be good, there has to be the presence of the opposite, it can both be balanced on the same level, or one can outgrow the other but the two (good/bad) must exist.

The bottom line is that not everyone can be pleased and not everyone will have an equal perspective of us. I believe that’s how life works. What matters is knowing deep down that you are a good person and never really intentionally hurt anyone, afterall we are all prone to mistakes. How we correct these mistakes will show who we really are….

Thank you for reading
Have a nice day and be good okay?

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Thank you

I have come to Understand that despite how graceful, kind or good you think you are, there is someone out there who thinks the opposite of you.

Evil (for example)...will always perceive kindness, honesty, real virtue, truth and openness as being 'evil'.
i.e - it the opposite of what they value. (lies, deception, control, etc).

To understand the other persons perspectives, and thus opinions - you first have to understand their own underlying value strutures. - only then can you evaluate whether their perspectives are based in ignorance, and fear - evil... or not..
People living through these negative filters, and who will not grow out of it, are worthy of contempt....
Why?....Because they exhibit a cowardice and a weakness that can only ever be to the detriment of humanity itself.

Good post !

Very true and well said

Thank you

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It depends on how we view a particular person to be good or bad. Someone might look good to me while he looks bad to you. I read somewhere just similar to yours that human beings are neither good nor bad but the situation or circumstances makes it so.

I believe what matters is the heart and true intentions
Thank you

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