Why Choosing Blurt Is Always A Smooth Feeling?

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Hello Everyone!

It's been about six months, when I joined this beautiful and amazing platform. A platform where I express my feelings and ideas freely. A community where I have made many friends and achieve unforgettable memories. Today, I want to explain why I chose Blurt only and why it gives me cool feeling every time? Let's start without any delays!


There are several blockchains in existence. Almost all have same formulas for bloggers and investors. Both are paid for their efforts and invests. And Blurt Blog was also forked from Steemit to reward creators and investors hugely. But I have joined Blurt Blog only and chosen it neglecting other blockchains for some reasons. I have tried to point out them in the following lines :

01 - No Downvotes :

Imagine : one works very hard, creates a blog in hours, tries to make it worth, avoids junks and finally some users appreciate his efforts by upvoting but one whale comes and swallows his all earns and the creator is not paid off. His all efforts and hard works go in vain. That's why, Blurt founders haven't implemented this useless and granted opportunities everyone to grow together.

02 - Creators And Investors Are Rewarded Hugely :

Why bloggers create quality posts and investors come to invest in any platforms? Of course, for the benefits and rewards. Blurt takes care for both and rewards equally and hugely. I mean creators are paid off 50% and investors also rewarded 50%.

03 - Several Front Ends :

I remember very well there was only one front end when I joined this community. That's why, the server went down and we couldn't access our platform. But after few days, there were several front ends and the problem of server down was no more. Most of them happened by the hard working developer @tekraze bro. Now we have five front ends : @blurt.blog, @blurtlatam, @blurtlive, @blurtone and @blurtbuzz. And I never face server down problem.

04 - Freedom Of Speech :

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right of everyone. Everybody likes expressing his thoughts, ideas, feelings, imaginations and emotions freely. If someone prevents him doing so, he tyrannises him. Blurt knows it very well and provides freedom of speech to each blurt blogger.

05 - Easy Approach To The Founders, Developers And Team Members :

Blurt has so many beauties and easy approach to the blurt co-founders, developers and team members is one of the best features. Anyone can reach any of them easily. They often hear instantly and reply frankly.

06 - No Narrow Mindedness :

Narrow mindedness is a big setback in the development of any platform. Blurt is a global social media platform and it refuses all kinds of activities base on racism and colours. At the same time, it respects all regions and religions. I have found people from all around the world working without any distinction. There is a motto "Blurt For Everyone".

07 - Different Activities :

Diverse activities have a prominent role to make a platform flexible, impressive and attractive. There are contests, bets, giveaways, pubs, challenges, engagements a many more. These things play a great part to keep the community effective.

These are the main reasons that I think choosing Blurt is always a pleasant feeling. Every passing day, my love for Blurt is increasing continuously. I spend much time here to check the recent activities and to be updated. I haven't joined other blockchains yet.


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Hello @nazirhussain
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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I like such kind of contents. It is very suitable and nice. You have explained reasons number wise and it makes the post attractive. I am still new it gave an opportunity to know about blurt many things.

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Any blockchain is only good as long as people are and they keep supporting each other. I hope new people will see that and do the same

Nice work bro, you explain very well.
I see and read your all blogs, your work is very fantastic in Blurt family,I hope you continue your that program for help to all blurt friends.

ALLAH blessings on you always

Thank you so much for your kind words!

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Just want to clarify that we don't refuse superstition, religion or region, maybe was a phrasing error.

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Oh my badness! Yeah, I really didn't mean so. It is totally right blurt doesn't refuse religion, region or superstitions. I'm wrong in this phrase making. I'm going to correct it by editing. Thank you so much sir for visiting my blog, having a deep look at the content and pointing out the error! I'm very grateful to you for it.

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I love blurt because it is free blochain, there are no any restrictions

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