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This story touched my life

A man of God went into a city to preach the gospel. Everything had been set in place for the crusade. The preparation was great. Few minutes before the commencement of the programme, a strong wind started and a big rain started threatening. There was panic everywhere as people hated the idea of rain falling at such a time.

Response of the servant of God.

The servant of God was very bold and confident that the rain will not fall. So confident that he uttered a strong statement that if the rain could fall that he was going to leave God and His service for God not honouring the words from him. Immediately he said that, the rain started and came down heavily disturbing and frustrating the whole plans of the crusade. The crusade could not hold that day. So the man stood on his decision and affirmed that he is abandoning God and the ministry.

The event of the following day

Early in the morning of the second day when the man was preparing to leave the city, a man came before him crying and begging him to please pray for him. For what? the man asked angrily and with frustration. The man said yesterday when the man of God was about to start preaching, that he had armed himself with many charms and was outside holding a gun to shoot to paralyse all the activities of the servant of God. It was while he was doing that that rain started heavily and fell on him contrary to the ordinance of the charms that rain must fall on him while putting on the charms. He said the rain fell on him and he had been afflicted with leprosy since that yesterday and may soon die if not prayed for.

The remorse

The man of God was broken down and started shedding tears of repentance, begging God to forgive him for making such foolish decision to abandon God and his ministry. He discovered that he had acted foolishly. He then reaffirmed his faith in God and got restored.


The healing prayer

The servant of God then prayed for the afflicted man and he became healed and got restored and decided giving his total life to God and His service. He decided to forsake all his fetish and wicked ways and be committed to God.

The Lesson

Sometimes we think that God must work in our own ways, forgetting that God has His own ways. He said "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts" Isaiah 55:8. God's ways are past finding out, He cannot be caged or controlled. He will no longer be God if he can be controlled or His was determined. The man became foolish when he thought God must walk in his own ways. He did not know that God was working for him and not against him. He did not know that rain came to beat down his enemy. His thought was that God has disappointed him.


Thanks for going through this piece. @pastormike

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