Skip Reading Google Maps Timeline? Don't Do it

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In every month we get a spying report from google. Just kidding, google sends a "Time Line" report that contains the count of places you've visited in that particular month. It says that it updates the timeline based on your location history. We all know that google knows 99% of our life and even our characteristics so there is nothing to wonder about this.


If you carefully read your time line, you'll find some interesting facts you haven't even imagined about yourself. For example, google shows how many countries, cities, and places you have visited. Sometimes you have seen, Google identify some areas wrong. For example, if you park next to a hospital, it thinks that you are going to the hospital. But most cases google takes things correctly.



This timeline is very useful for travelers who passionately love traveling. You can open your timeline by navigating to Google Maps and then selecting 'Your Timeline' from side menu. I must say, your Timeline is only visible to you. Hence no one except Google can't find out where you have been.

I went out today to a salon in the basement of the commercial bank. My whole route clearly recorded on Google. Timeline


The gray color road is the road I used to go to the destination and the blue color one I used to come back. And my mobile data was off till I reach to salon. This feature can use to check the location of your phone if it is lost.

You have given permission to delete unwanted history as well. Usually, I keep my history to my satisfaction. One day I like to see red dots all over the country map.


Hope you will start to think about Google Timeline in a new way after reading this article.

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Wow!!! So google knows who I am and the kind of person that I am. That's serious. Thanks for sharing. I will find out more and more.

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