Who Wants Durian? :D

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After two years, our durian tree was filled with healthy fruits again! Last year the harvest wasn't that healthy. The fruits were two small and dull. But this year we had a hope of big healthy fruits.

This is the fourth time this plant is giving harvested. Normally when the fruit is ripened enough, it automatically falls down from the tree. Our sloping land makes things difficult. Fruits are falling down along the slope for a considerable distance.


As I am working in the daytime, my brother plays the main role of picking durian. He has to stay alert on the sound and pick fruits. Usually, four-five fruits are falling down daily. Our lazy cat also joined with this tour but never put his feet on the ground.


In the evening, I also joined my brother to pick up some Duriyans in the evening. Actually, I was able to pick only one fruit. The fruits are weighted around 2-3kgs. Usually, we can sell a grown fruit for around 500-600LKR or maybe more.

Our house is now covered with the fragrance of Durian which some of you find a bad smell. But Durian is a very delicious fruit for me :)


This time the fruits were big enough and also there were enough bulbs too. Let's see how much we can earn this time.

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Its appearance is similar to the Guanabana and Manirote, both of which I have at home, I have never tasted the Durian, so I can not comment on its smell or taste. I laughed so much with your cat and good thing the crop is doing well this year.

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ha ha... our cat is doing crazy things.

I have never tasted the Durian,

or that's sad. You should have this experience at least once. ha haa

A neighbor gave us some of it, the taste is like bitter for me and the smell really is not good, the texture is very soft @randula

Maybe if it comes directly from the fruit it will be better to eat, what we had was the repacked flesh of the durian.

the taste is like bitter

Maybe it is not well ripen. It's not sour or bitter. To me it is a milky taste. Yeah it is soft. The smell remains for some time once eaten. That's something I don't like.

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The ones I had always smelled a little wierd. My kids wont eat it.

You don't like the taste?

It's wonderful fruit but smells bad. I got over the smell but not a favorable memory.

Wow, looks like some top quality durian you guys have got there. Nice little gift of some side income. Those things are expensive. It's amazing how people love them or hate them. As a westerner, I can't get past the pungent smell or the strong taste. Not for me. But I can help you sell them with my Blurt Shirt!

nice shirt. And a nice guy.. 😉
I found Durian taste so milky. But majority hates. Including you 🥲 have you ever tried at least

Absolutely. I tried it for my third time just the other day. Still don't like it. hahaha

And thank you for the kind words :)


mmm... like eating onions with custard!
Glad the harvest is going well - a ton of durian for sale here too!

Any one in this Blurt who eat Durian.. 😅 We should gather a Durian team.

What would the team do? Play football with a durian?

😅 perhaps

Okay I lost.. No one on my team 🤣