Blurt Has Been One Of The Best Performers In The Bear Market.

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In the past three weeks we've witnessed the biggest crash in market prices with Bitcoin dropping to as low as almost $25k and many other renowned cryptos performing woefully. This is expected in the bear market as many cryptos without true utility and a solid community begin to crumble with some crashing into oblivion.


I believe Blurt didn't crash as a hard as others for some reasons. Mostly because its holders truely believe in what it stands for and the opportunities it creates. It isn't a get rich quick crypto or one of those where the holders can just dump their tokens at the slightest sign of a bear market.

The bear market is a time where cryptos go through a lot of tests and Blurt seems to be performing fairly well with regards to price and stability of the community. There are several crypto communities battling with panic right now and this makes me appreciate the Blurt community more.

The bear market comes to filter out the crypto projects with massive flaws and allows those with grear utility and a solid community more noticeable. Hopefully Blurt would be one of the highest ranking cryptos in the next bull market.
Stay strong folks and keep hodling.

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Go blurt!

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