Life As A Blurt Addict.

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It takes six months to get addicted to a new habit and at this point, I think I can boldly call myself a Blurt addict. Don't panic, this sort of addiction doesn't require needles or sniffing of any sort which is a good thing. I'm a person who gets addicted to anything which has a positive impact on my life hence Blurt have been good form of addictions. The kind of addiction that doesn't bring me any harm but knowledge, goodness, self development and growth.


Blurt has changed my perspective of how to earn and allowed me build a system which involves earning from the comfort of my home. I also embraced the idea of earning for creating contents online because of the insecurity and high cost of transport in my country.

I started by sharing my art on Blurt which I still do. It's really amazing how Blurt has made me become a better artist by interacting and contesting with other artists around the world, experimenting new tools and developing my style and also introducing me to NFTs.

I've been trying hard to create contents that would yield more engagement and also trying hard to boost my engagement on other creators posts as well. I believe I'm improving with every passing day on the blockchain and should get better since I've made up my mind about self development on Blurt.

I'm literally active on Blurt 24/7 checking out new posts, updates, etc...and like most other users of Blurt, I think I'm addicted to the blockchain and I don't think I need any form of rehab.

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I fully understand how it can become addictive I have only been here a month or so and really enjoying the atmosphere here 👍

Quite a healthy addiction, compared to others.... 😜🙏

I’m a bit addicted also

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Thank you so much for the support

Aha, You are addicted to a comfort of Blurt. ^-^

Yeah, it's a lovely place

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Blurt is a good addiction, I must say that I also love this platform.
But for lack of time I have not been able to get addicted to it...

Please do try to create some time for Blurt. You won't regret it.

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Thank you do much for the support

Totally guilty of this addiction too 🙌🏻🙏🏻💜
Although, I have to say (since this is my field) that addiction really is, any habit we choose to do, that gives us temporary relief, but harms us in a long term.
So looking this way, even though I would also say I am addicted to Blurt, maybe it is more like a PASSION or a LIFE STYLE (by this point).
But I hear you. . .and I don't mean to hair split, I think I am more questioning my use of words, as I would easily be guilty of misusing the term, being addicted to it. Even though I know it does not harm me in a long term (at least I hope so 😅).
But glad we are in the same shoes. And if I figure out what is the best term (for me) to use I will keep you updated. But i like this "addiction" very much indeed.
The friends who are not on Blurt, totally don't get it. . .💜

Me too… it’s been almost 2 years now that I have been addicted to Blurt. I’ve been on Steemit since 2017 and Blurt is by far the best place to blog.

Blurt To the Moon!!!! Cant wait till Blurt hits $1