LUNA : Hero To Zeroes!!! Are You Investing In LUNA?

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Just checked the chart for LUNA right now and I was shocked to the bones...Price had dropped -100% in the past 24 hours and it currently trades at $0.00000118...this was one of the most famous and top rank crypto as at last month and now it feels basically like some memecoin.

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Last time I saw a crypto crash this hard was when Eternal (Cryptomines ) crashed from an all time high of over $700 to it's current price of $0.23. It was basically the first time I had seen such a crash and I kinda got pretty scared of what cryptos could do. I invested about $50 when Cryptomines crashed to about $3 hoping it was a good time to invest buy alas it kept crashing hard and I got my $50 out the next time it pumped a bit. I should be having around $5 right now if I had still had my $50 invested in Cryptomines.

Now, my brother was curious and feels it is a great time to invest in LUNA since its quite famous already and could pump really hard soon. It would be some easy money if LUNA pumps really hard to a dollar at least especially since we've witnessed some crazy pumps in the past few days after LUNA crashed. While I don't think this might be a good idea considering the fact that LUNA has quite alot of issues right now and a bad rep, I feel its worth the shot, but I adviced him check out other cryptos like Hive and to use the DCA strategy for LUNA if at all he really wants to invest in it. He's a long term holder of several cruptos so I guess he should be good.

Personally, I'm not interested in LUNA at this point and just got to know so much about it in the past few days. I'm currently working on building my portfolio with cryptos I trust like Eth , Blurt, Bnb, Polycub, Leo and Iotx. I sincerely hope every LUNA investors recovers from their loss and bounce back on their feet. It's been a tough ride and no one need this.

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Bought yesterday for 20 $