Rising Cases Of Thieves And Thugs Targeting Crypto Investors.

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Just when I thought this was a pandemic we're currently dealing with only in my country, it turns out that it is quite a global thing already and crypto investors aren't very safe walking the streets anymore. There have been loads of reports in the UK about how thieves and thugs targeting crypto investors to steal their phones with the intention of stealing digital assets.


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I've had 2 friends giving their experience on how robbers attacked them and specifically asked for their phones and access to their crypto wallets while pointing guns at them and I really can't begin to imagine how horrible and scary the experience was. These thieves already knew about cryptos, had their own wallets and felt it was a safer option because they the funds can't be traced to them unlike cash. This seems to be the new trend after robbers and thieves visit homes of their victims with point of sale (POS) machine and sometimes requested that their victims made transfers to certain bank accounts if the victims said they had no cash at home.

The UK has reported more terrible cases of robbery where the victims are escorted by these thieves to a quiet place and asked to make crypto transfers on the spot. And in cases of stolen phones, when some of the stolen phones were finally found, huge amounts of cryptos would have been stolen by the thieves.

Cases like these are quite tough for the police especially since its quite hard to decypher the identity of people who made transactions via cryptos. It is particularly a very difficult case in my country with implicit bans on cryptocurrencies. You're literally alone on this as law enforcement officers feel they can't help in cases like this since the government already place some form of restrictions on their citizens concerning owning cryptos.

At this point, I feel the best way to avoid cases of specific targets by thieves is to stay safe by keeping our financial lives away from the public. It's quite difficult but it's literally the best solution to avoid cases like this. And even if we do talk about cryptos in public, our identities shouldn't be revealed. It's quite sad that folks are no longer safe for publicly talking about cryptos but the world has always been a dangerous place and with cryptos, it is no different.

Storing cryptos in very safe wallets which require extra security to access and can not be easily accessed on our phones is another way to not lose our digital assets together with our phones. These thieves are well educated about crypto wallets and they know where to search and what apps to use to access digital assets so I feel this step would help prevent any form of cryptocurrency loss if our phones ever got lost or stolen.

Stay safe y'all. Cryptos is still currently a safe haven for crimes.

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