The Power Of Community In The Bear Market.

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If there's one thing I've learnt in the two bear markets I've witnessed, it is the power of belonging to a community of like minds and shared goals like the Blurt. The bear market is a time where alot of folks get seriously affect in one way or another but it offers an opportunity for both new and old investors to take a restrategize and make decisions that could help them in the bull market and in their future as crypto investors.


The Blurt community particularly has been more than just a community where individuals come together to ensure the growth of the blockchain. It is also one that offers support, encouragement, motivation and hope to all members of the community both in the good time and in the not so good times.

If you looked around the Blurt today, you'd hardly come across anyone lamenting about the market and how badly their portfolio is doing. While the $USD value of our portfolio may have gone south, the blockchain and the community encourages positivity and growth.Blurt Users get to talk more about how to build and develop ourselves in times like this to prepare us for the future. Many crypto newbies have also found this quite helpful as a very positive environment motivates them to focus on growing and making good use of the opportunity we current have.

Most cryptos projects out there don't have what we have here, a community, which to me is the most priceless asset of a project. This is why sticking to a community in good times and holding on tightly to it in the not so good times is crucial for self development and growth as a indivudual as an investor.

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