CALL FOR SUPPORT: Develop a Skill for the Physically Challenged

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Hi Fam

I want to raise funds To setup a Digital Skills Hub for Women & Disabled Persons, and so I have made a crowdfunding project.

Women and Physically Challenged or Disabled persons are often neglected when it comes to things about technology and digital skills. This Digital Skills Hub will be used to pass 21st century Digital Literacy Skills and web3 skills for women and Physically Challenged people. These skills includes Software development, digital marketing, Web design, graphics design, ui ux design and lots more.

This project is aimed at enabling women and the physically challenged to have a source of income for financial stability.

If I can first get support from acquaintances my project can then receive support from users worldwide, so please help by giving support to enable them have a source of income and financial stability !

You can help a lot not only by just supporting but also by sharing about my project, so please have a look!


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