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@jeff.designs since you just joined blurt, u are to use #first5 in your next upcoming five posts. And thanks for introducing this tags

This is good step for the newcomers, they can get some upvote earlier now. Go on with blurt.

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Great job
You always do very well. Especially I get a lot of benefits from your post.That's why I always check your posts. And I wait for the next post.

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Thank you very much for this initiative.

Pude ver que eres testigo y también te di mi apoyo ojala pronto subas y entres entre los primeros.

Hola amigo @michelangelo3 un gusto saludarte y aplaudirte este iniciativa de apoya a nosotros los nuevos, la próxima publicación me varas usando la etiqueta, bendiciones.

You are always supporting newcomers and encouraging them
#first5 is one more step...

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Ya te vote como testigo.

Una buena elección :-))

Que bien, lo tendré en cuenta yo solo llevo dos publicaciones. Es bueno contar con apoyo cuando uno esta comenzando.

Really cool thing

Muchas gracias por la recomendación!!

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Hola muchas gracias por esta iniciativa. Ya tengo 9 post y no puedo usarlo peor me parece genial la idea. 💪🙏

Thank you for this. I didn't make an introduction post and I guess I would have to make one soon. Thanks a lot. First5 it is.

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Good guidelines.
I heartly congratulate your idealistic thought.

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This is a good initiative. I often see that newbies get a lot of encouragement on their introduction posts and from the second post they do not get any support.

With your new tag I think it will give them more motivation.

P.S: If a newbie needs liquid Blurt to post then they can just ask it on our Instant Blurt Dispenser posts on @PowerClub and we usually send 10 Blurt for free.

Check this link:

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very true I remember inviting lots of ppl to the older blogs and then they gave up when they didn't really get support

Great initiative, certainly helpful, especially for newcomers.

Very good work by you sir

Hello @michelangelo3

I am happy with this new idea that you are giving for the new ones, who are people who are starting in this new one, they are what we should support with our votes in addition to supporting it how to publish, because sometimes we enter this world just looking for that little window of help I am glad to see your initiative.

A few days ago my nephew started publishing, he is a 13-year-old teenager, he is studying second year of high school, he is autistic. Due to his condition in my country very little is what they get to study high school, but neither he nor his mother gave up to follow their path overcoming, a few days ago I encouraged him to write since he loves to draw in pencil and through the Paint program on the computer, your first post did have the support, the second not very good...

That would be good to follow up on the new ones and support them...

If you can support my nephew I would appreciate it here is the link to his presentation and his last post ..

In the next post I will tell you to place those labels... thanks in advance...

Thanks for the tip, I went to see your nephew. I suspect his family won't be bored with him.

Thank you for the support...

I'm glad he's here on the platform, we have fun with his creations. He is a son to me, I helped him create an account... He lives far from me, but I go to visit him once a week, I have told him about blurt... He is just starting out, writing will be a bit difficult, but I know that little by little he developed it, he is a very intelligent boy...

Being autistic is no different from others... his brother is also autistic, his mother is in the foundation for people with autism, we are supporting this foundation so that it has the necessary tools to help families and people with autism ...

Wow this is really taughtful of you it will really be of great help to the newbies I appreciate you on their behalf 🙌.
I pray we all keep growing in _unity till we take blurt to the Moon _ 🌜

Kind regards @michelangelo3

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coole Sache!

What usually happens is that people post their Introductory post and get a lot of views from it. After that, their subsequent postsy hardly gets recognised. This makes some of them to lose enthusiasm. It's something we have seen on several occasion so, the introduction of this new tag is a good one.

I will also check the tag out every now and then to support such posts - As far as they are quality Content. Well Done

Glad to hear, thanks for supporting first5.

But sometimes that's also down to the people themselves.
I have often seen an interesting introductory post and then came mainly selfies....Then I am immediately out. Then I'm no longer interested.
In addition, many newcomers do not comment and if then completely useless and uninteresting comments.

It is often not seen the community, but earn money.
This is also very possible if you contribute to the community.
We have many positive examples of this.
These people have made an effort from the beginning, get involved and then you can also manage to become visible.

Besides, too many people look at the whales, or even beg for votes. In this way, they achieve the opposite.

It's just like in "real" life:
You get to know people, communicate, build friendships.
But you also have to make an effort!

When people come into a place like this, many will likely look through the existing posts to see what others are doing. If we all focus on promoting quality content and genuine interaction, even our Newbies who are interesting in growing here will invariably adopt the same mode of operation.

When you check the hot page or trending, you can't vouch for everything there to be decent contents. That's also a problem on its own.

This particular project, @onchain-curator, is here to promote decent contents and also encourage genuine Interaction. We are barely 8 days old on the chain but I've already seen how hard it can be to find quality contents that are worthy of being curated.

Engagement is important. Quality comment counts. Getting involved with good projects/initiates are also important. All these makes it easier for this place to grow organically.

If we all put this into pratice, it will be a lot easier for those that are getting into the chain as newbie to also follow the same step in order to gain traction.

Unfortunately, even after knowing the right thing to do, many will still do what they want. They can post their screenshots without any description, but more shame goes to those that support such contents.

I hope everything works out so that those that do the work will also get the reward.

Thanks @elkezaksek for replying to my initial comment. I looked through your profile and I must say that you are doing a good work on the chain.

Great initiative. I also noticed that many new users get 400/500 blurt votes in the first post. But later the turnout was very low, so many may be disappointed.
I welcome your initiative. best wish for first5

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This is a great idea, it helps and encourage newcomers in a little way. Also it identifies whether the newcomer is a real one or a fake one which only post intro and runaway. lol

Anyhow, I would love to help newcomer to pay the 10blurt for the registration.

Good to see you are supporting very well.
Its very important for everyone how to start and whats tags are useful

#first5 hash tag will encourage all newcomers
We all should encourage newcomers

I'm following you since you returned to the platform and I found you a well wisher, good welcomer and excellent encourager. And it's another good move from you. Thanks a lot sir for this appreciating step.

Thank you so much for this. It will really support them in making posts and not to give up so quickly. Getting this kind of support on their first 5 posts will motivate them to continue posting original contents.
Thank you so much for your support.

Hello @michelangelo3 We are happy to see this newcomers support post. Thank you for giving them more reason to appreciate blurt. Thank you for making their blurt growth much more easier. We will educate and guide our new members on how to use the #first5 tag. Thank you once again for appreciating new members with quality contents
Thank you for sharing such great content!
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It's a beautiful initiative and it would go a long way to make newbies acquitted with the blurt family. Cheers!

Finde ich gut und würde ich auch unterstützen .

Super, so war's gedacht. Danke!

I really support programs like this. Many friends are creative in their content but they don't get appreciation. This step should be implemented properly. I am ready to go to them as much as I can to liven up a communicative atmosphere.

Thank you very much for your support! I'm curious to see if the new hashtag will be used and work as I imagine.

The new hashtags work automatically or have to be set systemically. If it does appear automatically it should work.

I noticed the hashtag had to be set through the system.

I don't quite understand what you mean. You can set the hashtags for a post as you like, they don't have to have been there before.

Ah, in my comment above I meant that users may be misusing the tag and not in the way I imagine.

This is a good program. Exactly as you said, after an introductory post by a new user, it will be very difficult to find a follow-up post from them as it is overwritten by another post with a better reputation. I think it would be helpful for beginners to encourage them to continue producing posts on an ongoing basis. I am ready to support this program by voting for the number of BP I currently have.

Success to all. Spread kindness.

Glad to hear, big thanks for the support!

I would rather see real people posting interesting stories 5 times than five introduction posts glued together.

Oh, I hope it's not misunderstood, introduceyourself may of course only be used once. First5 is for posts after that.

What do you think, should I make it clearer? I thought it was clear.

Oh @michelangelo3,

So sorry. I'm the one not being clear. I mean I've seen too many introductory posts that seem similar although they are different users. I like the first five tag because it shows the actual blog work the user is getting into. This is where one needs to be encouraged. I think #introduceyourself is ok once but I see too many similar looking posts in that tag it is hard for me to support. #first5 seems more interesting.

Exactly, that's how I feel too. Unfortunately, many new introductions are fake and only after further posts can you see whether the person is a real user. That was one of the reasons why I came up with the idea of the new hashtag five5.

I like it.

Yes, I think what @michelangelo3 meant was five posts after the introduction post.