Testament addendum to legal will of Daron Rutter

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This testament is an addendum to any other will or document, physical or digital, relating to my belongings or estate.

In the event of my death, I bequeath and transfer ownership of my Blurt blockchain account "@drutter", including passwords, keys, and the content of my wallet at https://blurtwallet.com/@drutter/, to the mother of my children Brett and Lilly, and longtime sweetheart, Katelyn Hooge (represented on Blurt as "@medikatie").

This may be necessary for her to take day-to-day actions with the account that she would normally have access to as my partner. One example would be to post an announcement of my death for my followers and friends. This post serves to record my intention, should I take my last breath, and also potentially as a legal defense for Katelyn should anyone/anything attempt to lay a claim on our belongings.

A backup of this post will be kept offline with my personal documents.

My upvote on this post is my digital signature and confirmation.

Daron Rutter
Vernon BC Canada
September 14 2022

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hopefully Blurt goes to $10 some day and you and your wife and kids will all be Millionaires…
This is my hope for Blurt and all good Blurtters.

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Wouldn't that be nice? Currently, someone with $1500 can stroll along and buy more BLURT than I've been able to earn with 10 years of fulltime content creation on various platforms and a 0.2 BTC initial investment. I could have done something else with 10 years of my life, and sat on that BTC, which is now worth $3800. So let's really hope BLURT goes x100 very soon and we're all made whole again!

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Letting your partner know about your password to some things is good. I am sure you would live longer💯. Do not panic!

  ·  last year (edited)

You're staying for a long long time bro! Took note of it nevertheless... ;)

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Hahah, thanks bro.
Do you know if we have a recovery account option on Blurt? I remember setting that on Hive, but I should find out about Blurt, and make sure it's set to somebody I trust, probably MediKatie.

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On point
Wish you long life anyways

Hope yo dont need it for a long time

Recognized 🤬


This comment also serves as my digital signature and confirmation.

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