The wrong way of dealing with problems !

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In this beautiful world we the humans and are the one who has so many things to cry for. Some might be upset with the weather , some might be going through heart break , some might be living a life where there is no food to eat , so on and so forth.

Problems are part of everybody's life and we should deal with them in the right manner. No one in this world is free from tension or problems and even the richest and most handsome/beautiful person has something to worry about.



Suppose you are trying for a job and failing everytime. What is the solution to this problem ? Either you try some different job or prepare yourself for the same job with extra efforts.

But if you think of giving up and ending this life then is that a solution ? This is a question i have asked from the readers and i would love to hear the answer for it.

For me that is not a solution or for example someone starts begging , again that is also not a solution to your problem. The solution is something i wrote in the third paragraph.

So , first of all identify the right and wrong way of dealing with problems and then bring that into execution. Sometimes success is not immediate but when you will try to deal in the right way with your problems , you will win for sure.

Thank You

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