How the Polishing Happened

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Last time I wrote about how we managed to purchase all the paint items that we needed. Today is an extension of the painting article. Let me share with you what happened left.

We waited for two and half months till we get the ideal time for painting. Finally that most awaited day dawn. We offered the work to a young contractor who is known as very good at painting. Three painters with him started working.

According to them, polishing is the most time-consuming part of the work. Doors, windows, the pantry, and the staircase were there to polish and same time we wanted to retouch the finishing roof.

Photo by Rafaela Biazi on Unsplash

First of all, the windows are marked with a number that matches the number on the window frame. As the polishing process needs to separate the window and frame it is important to mark which window belongs to which frame.

Then they shared with us 4 color samples painted with different dyes. After several discussions, we picked the color and also a design to paint on the doors. The design was a simple color pattern.


Then they covered the window glasses and also removed all door/window handlers to protect them from polish. Sanding started thereafter. After the first round of sanding, they covers any available smaller holes with Wood Putty and again applied sandpapers.


Then the first coat of wood dye was applied according to our selection. Sametime they applied the necessary colors for the pattern we requested. After the first dye coat, they sand slightly the surface again before applying the second dye coat.

Even after the second dye coat, the again sanding happened and afterward, the water-based top coat was applied. The top coat provides protection over water to windows and doors. As they are always exposed to weather changes applying a proper top coat is important. And water-based top coat occupied a large percentage of the paint material cost.


The top coat is applied with the pressure gun to keep the finishing tidy. The second coat of the top coat is applied with a little bit of dye to enhance the color again. The last top coat was added after the windows were fixed back to the frames.


Polishing time is a very difficult time as wood dust spreads all over the house and even outside. But it's happy to see the outcome of the work after several weeks.

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