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In my recent article, I said we had a visitor dog around our house. Here is the latest update.

Due to her good behavior and cuteness, my parents decided to accept her with fewer privileges. As our own dog Bingo didn't show any resistance it was okay to feed her. But Bingo doesn't like to see us pet the other dog and he responds a bit aggressively to the other dog in such times. But it is very harmless. He try to grab the ear of the other dog to avoid her playing with us.


This dog is a female dog and she seems pregnant. We put a name called "Lassi". Actually, she responded with this name and we thought it is her name. As I observed Lassi is more intelligent than bingo. From the look, she looks crossed with a Germanshepered. She is very sensitive to words and our talk patterns. Sometimes when we ask questions she tries to answer by murmuring.

She is also trying to stand on two legs while keeping his hands on my body. At such times she does nothing but looks at my face. She is a very amenable dog but same time coward. I have never heard her bark so far. She is very good at petting and playing with kids.


I gave her a bath and also had to remove dozens of ticks from her ears. After cleaning her ears she was very happy. She was very calm during bathing.

The biggest challenge is she eats a lot. We have to divide the meal between Bingo and Lassi, so each time one of them gets a lower portion. As she is pregnant she seems to eat a lot. We have a cat too, so food is a crucial factor here.


Now as I feel, she is trying to take our full attention of her. Bingo got injured yesterday after a fight and when we show special care to him, she seems jealous and tries to play with us.


Hope we all be fine :)

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I love the fact that you appreciate other creatures especially dogs. It is a very beautiful thing. She is welcomed

Dogs are in my favourite list.

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