NY Trip: Family

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We spent time with both Hubby's family and mine, staying in the guest room.

Emma's guestroom:


My Mom's guestroom:


It's funny because growing up, no one had a guestroom. I guess because the kids were occupying them, LOL. We were very comfortable in both of them.

Here is the only picture I took while with his family:


Here are the few pictures I took of mine with comments:

The man in the chair in red is my step-father. The man next to him is my brother. The woman on the couch is my brother's fiancé. The man on the couch is my traveling Dad you lives full-time in a converted short school bus......

Dad's Bus in Arizona.jpg

Dad uses my Mom's house as a home base and he is there getting treatments for his eyes and other things done he needs. Dad and my Step-father get along! Dad is currently living in their basement and will be there for several months. I think my family are amazing people. We take care of one another no matter what. My parents got married for a reason. They care about one another. They may not be able to live well with one another but they care. My step-father is an amazing person for not only accepting that but embracing it. He is good to my mom, us kids, and my Father. I appreciate that a lot.

This is my Mom and brother. This is the sweet lady I have talked about on here at times. She's 77 now and I appreciate her so much. Much more than when I was a child and especially as a teenager. I was a difficult teenager if you can picture that (wink). She's very much my opposite but a huge influence in my life. A balancer if you will. I talk to my Mom all the time. I didn't realize how much I missed her until I was there.

That's really it. I forgot about taking pictures most of the time. Just enjoyed myself. I was happy to leave New York State again but not happy to leave my family behind there.

For some reason, everyone in our family except my father are perfectly happy to live there. They like their cage of regulations, restrictions, surveillance, extra taxes and fees. Perhaps it's because they don't travel and so have never known anything else. None of them, except for Dad, have lived in other states. They traded their "safety" for freedom and don't even realize they have neither.

I have always been the odd one in the family. A loner with my own ideas. The weirdo. Now, years later, I am thankful for that and still a loner it seems save my husband.

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Looks like a decent bunch, and a good time. Thanks for sharing the family touch : )