It's a Con game WITHIN a con game

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Lol you have a 401k?


Forget what the tax code says.
The tax codes are based on the constitution and only apply to Citizens, aka documented slaves.
They don't have the required element to make their case against you legitimate.

Logic: If you didn't sign the contract in a fair and just manner, without having been fraudulently indoctrinated to believe in the contract as legitimate, regardles of whether you signed it or not, with having absolute knowledge on the consequences for signing it or breaking the agreement, the contract is void.
Doesn't become void afterwards through a court, no, it is void at the beginning.
Understand that when you sign these types of contract that offers to serve you with a gun to your head, you are putting down your very powerful elementon paper, ie your permission to be fucked. the tyrants little bi*** their toy.

Also the 401k deal is an idiotic move, imo. Why invest into something somebody else is controling when greed is an existing factor in almost every human being and reptile alike?
You see now they want to take your life savings away and I am sure most of you can't afford that to happen. And taking that money out now would be a huge hassle. After all, its yours right?

If it can be taken, it ain't yours to begin with.

And you let them take it just like when you let them take taxes off your check.

Remember when IRS admitted,
They don't have the evidence to prosecute you
But their just going to take it anyways!
The Scum of the earth that the IRS are.

You can contact Marc at frankrizzo3 on skype and it would be wise to get into the role playing to get the verbal skills required.
If you don't know what Marc Steven does, he started the "No State Project" and has been running podcasts and helping many many people win in court by holding the accusers of government accountable to hold their burden of proof in court and out, but by first getting them to recognize your rights first, which is only the first part of the battle, as judges are very currupt and dare not lose a case they can not win, they will threaten you left and right and throw younin contempt just for asking for clarifications and challenging jurisdiction. A right which you definitely have!

A judge is not a good job for the laws they know but for the "skill" in manipulating you to submit to them. It's easier when you know what they are going to say before they say it and know what to say each time and demand they keep their burden. They claim they have the right to rule over you because they assume the laws apply. But they never have that evidence because it doesn't exist because they need your permission. And all they need for you to do is to state "your" legal name, to say you confirm or affirm, to plea guilty not guilty or no contest it doesn't matter.

When you give those statements, you are stating you have been informed of all the evidence and you stand under their authority.

It doesn't matter what you believe.

This is the game their playing.

This is the game that you are being forced to play. And it's only just over the surface. Not even toes in the water.


Stop handing the bullies your money over so easily. Learn to stand up for yourself.



The tools you need.

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