Gamestate and FatCats Capital Unite to Bring FCC to the Metaverse!

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Gamestate and FCC would like to formally announce a brand new partnership bringing the Fat Cats Capital Club into Gamestate's WAGMI Stadium and integrating the two projects in several ways. 

Firstly, you can expect to see cross-marketing campaigns that highlight new joint developments between FCC and Gamestate. 

Secondly, the two organizations intend to host joint AMAs (ask me anything events) on venues such as Telegram and Discord. 

Furthermore, Gamestate will create a virtual booth for FCC to highlight their project, products and services in the WAGMI Stadium eventverse.

Community members will be thrilled to know that FCC is considering a metavisor offering and more information will be provided about that offering near the time of launch.

More exciting integration features are planned in Q3 which include the possibility of inviting a FatCat NFT into the metaverse as a virtual companion. 

Beyond integrating the FCC, Gamestate also intends to offer FCC incubated projects a place in the metaverse. 

This provides a comprehensive growth and value strategy that is sure to bring a lot of attention FCC as it looks to expand their community and gain traction in the Solana ecosystem.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates about how Gamestate and FCC are building out the metaverse together!

About Gamestate

Gamestate is a megaverse nexus, uniting gamers, fans, developers, creators, and merchants in a place of fun, discovery, and learning. Gamestate offers sales channels for games, apps, advertising, gaming equipment, music, media, and general merchandise as well as a Rocket Launchpad accelerator for indie game startups.

Unified profiles solve the problem of fragmented gaming accounts and achievements; allowing gamers to create and import their existing game profiles and leaderboard ranks, collated into a single portable, immutable, privacy-centric, achievements-based blockchain digital identity profile for ultimate flexing and bragging rights!








About FCC

The FatCats Capital Club (FCC) is a Solana NFT project focused on development, community growth, innovation and member prosperity. 75% of all sales revenue will be used to grow the FatCats Treasury and develop exclusive utilities for the Capital Club. 

Purchase a FatCats Capital NFTs to become a part owner and member of the FCC, gaining access to all present and future utilities. The FCC aims to become an operational Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). As such, the treasury will act as a precursor to the tokenized fund. 





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Oooh how cool !!!! 😃

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That's must be a good decision from blurt team.

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Wow good news, I'm actively set


Wow, welcome to your Avatar in the Gamestate metaverse.

Thank you !!!