Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight.

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How many of you love animations?

Kung Fu panda dragon knight tells a a story about a knight who's no knight that went on a quest to avenge her brothers death.

Along the line she came across a kung Fu master called Po who mistakenly helped the bad guys got away with a magical glove that's very powerful, but before then he used the glove mistakenly without knowing it's power to destroy the city. This is wonderful and interesting right?

Well after the destruction he's title as Dragon master was taken away from him as if that's not enough he joined forces with the knight to search for the thief's in other to restore his honor and title. Along the line he requested to become a knight and began he's training which I felt was awkward because he's the dragon warrior I mean who can defeat this panda except food.

Yes! He loves food with all he's life that he can be killed with food, anyways getting back on track they journeyed in search two criminals with a magic hand glove and this criminals are in search of a magic wip so in other to change somethings the knight and the panda stopped chasing the criminals and started their own search for the same wip.

Along the line they faced great battles and hunts but finally the got to a land that's like a rock monster and inside the belly of this monster lies the wip which they got into it get but boom they met an old monkey lady who had the wip in her custody and the find their way out and was later betrayed by the monkey lady.

You wanna read more right???

Well this monkey lady went to china with the wip to sell it to the emperor who sent his forbidden guards to arrest the panda and he thinks with the wip he could finally catch the panda himself and the monkey made an offer to get half of china's treasure in exchange for the wip and when all was ready she was also betrayed and jailed. Can we take a short break??? Oh wait no, no breaks.

When the two thief's found out the wip was at the emperor's tower, they began their journey to get it so did the panda and they all met their but the panda was the first and was arrested by the emperor that was where a knight arrived and told them emperor that the other knight who is a bear is not a knight and all she was using was stollen and was to be arrested and so he took her and the panda was sent to prison.

Later the emperor was attacked by the two thief's while the fight was going on the panda and the monkey broke out alone with the panda's dad who is a goose. Now I feel like am Insane telling this story 😂😂😂 but that's how the animation was directed. Anyways the wip was recovered by the monkey and which they lost again in battle and later recovered through a diversion by giving the fake one to the thief's.

To be continued...

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