Mix 2 Of Stretching Inculty Track! Put Some Glitch Sounds.

in music •  5 months ago 

Had the Fun texture Add

The second half of the first draft felt a bit empty, felt the urge for some drum and glitch/sound fx. Glad to get back to the track for some overlap. Gave a bit more character, I'm still thinking perhaps of adding some vocal parts. May change the mix a bit again too. Gave the more sampled based song more feeling with the glitch. I use a couple methods to try to make sounds messed up then add something that would sound like it could fit for the song texture. Ya it was a well enough practice time. Whenever I make something and put it out it helps me get raring to go. I like the direction lately.


Has some industrial cyberpunkish maybe vibe. I will keep that work up. I'm liking the idea of Twisted Techno again in general. I want some uplift and twist I think. Also am craving some rock vibes coming up. Even listening to this song makes me think of bending reality a bit. That's a good feeling

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