Memories of Our First Month

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My wife and I has turned 15 months two days ago as a married couple. It's been a long journey, and days has been running fast that we are on our way to our second year. When we got married on June 2021, our anticipation is our first month. We're not planning a big celebration, and in fact, we don't even have a plan to celebrate it with anyone. On our first month, it's intimate, only the two of us.

We went out to walk together in the park. The weather is quite gloomy but there's no rain, so we found it a perfect time to go to the beach.


It's a fun moment only the two of us, walk in the sand, and it doesn't matter whether our feet becomes dirty.


The breeze is pretty cold, and we loved it. We had some deep breathing as we used to do when we are at the beach.


The water in the beach isn't that clean-looking. Probably due to the rains, the water looks quite muddy. That didn't hinder my wife enjoy the sea water, and I did too.



After around 30 minutes in the beach, we decided to go to the restaurant. I suggested to go to a restaurant close to our house but the foods doesn't taste good. So we opted the one which is a bit far, but we had no regrets. The foods are delicious, and we ordered kare-kare and seafood sisig. That's the time we discovered seafood sisig, and it had become one of our favorites. In fact, I explored the taste and ingredients, and I already learned how to make one.

It was a memorable date for us because we're still considerably a newlywed at that time. We're at the peak of our sweetness, but it's something that needs to be maintained. Love should be deepened, as time goes by so the relationship will remain strong. Everyday is a learning, and do accordingly what is beneficial as marriage mates.

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