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Early in the morning I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom to wash my face and perform ablution for the dawn prayer because my mother built me so I got up early for the dawn prayer then I had breakfast but waited a little because my mother was cooking while relaxing in the in front of the house before breakfast I play on my cellphone while looking at posts and other things, after my mother cooks I eat in the kitchen and after that I go to the coffee shop for a while to have coffee there with the villagers...


I came home from the shop I did some things around the house because my fence was not finished yesterday I had to continue it this time we put a loud noise for our fence so that our plants in the garden area are not disturbed by animals, in very hot weather I help people at home to repair the fence around the house because where I live in the village so some people are a little naughty to keep their animals from going to other people's gardens or breaking the rules.

Arrived at 12 o'clock I took a shower and also put on my clothes neatly then went to the mosque to perform the Friday prayer when I came home from there I immediately had lunch at home before I had time to sleep after building a fence and after eating I relaxed in my room while playing on my cellphone then one of the my friend called me that he wanted to go out to eat meatballs in Lhoksukon we agreed to leave at 04.00 pm and while in my room I was playing on my cellphone and also playing games with friends who took me to a place to eat meatballs


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