The moment the sun sets in a cloudy sky.

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Hello friends,

Assalamu Alaikum, good afternoon, how are you all? Hope everybody is well and healthy. By the grace of God, I too am well. Today I will share with you some pictures of the moment when the sun sets in the cloudy sky. I hope you like my photography.




There are six seasons in our country. In this seasonal variation, nature takes on a different form in each season. It's actually a much more fascinating time. Now it is summer in Bangladesh. At the end of spring this new season has arrived in our country. So nature takes on a different form every day. In the summer season, most of the days in the afternoon, the sky is cloudy and the sun is flickering. The temperature of the sun is much lower when the sky is cloudy.



But in the summer season, after the extreme heat of Bangladesh and sometimes there is a lot of rain. This afternoon the sky became very cloudy which reduced the sun's rays and I tried to do photography with my mobile in the moment when the sun's temperature is low.




Friends, in the afternoon of the month of Bengali Baishakh, such a cloudy sky is seen for most of the day and sometimes it rains in torrents and during the day, the temperature of the sun is seen from morning till three o'clock in the afternoon. As a result of this, sometime in the evening, sometime before, the Kalavaishakhi storm strikes. It is very terrible.




Friends, today I have shared with you some pictures of the falling afternoon with the sun peeking around in the cloudy sky. I hope you enjoy watching it. It is really nice to have such a hot day because bad people get breathless in this month of Baishakh-Jyastha. Tried to pick up and share with you.

So friends, so far today. You must comment on how you like my writing. Stay well, stay healthy, this is the expectation for everyone.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. God bless you.

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