Canada now plans Covid injections every 3 months forever - POTENTIAL GENOCIDE

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"Two and done!" was the slogan when Covid-19 mRNA shots rolled out in early 2021. But booster doses were announced later that year, said to be necessary to combat variants which had sprung up. In 2022, fifth and sixth doses are being given across Canada (and the world), and any pretense that it will ever end has disappeared. Today, Canada's vaccine advisory group openly admitted the injections are going to be required for life, and narrowed the window between shots to just 90 days! With vaccine mandates potentially returning as flu season approaches, and brand new untested "bivalent" formulas to target the latest variants, the conspiracy theorists who were mocked and censored for predicting this have been vindicated.

Dr. Charles Hoffe spoke here recently (I uploaded footage) on how the "clot shots" permanently damage the immune system. He specifically mentioned the cumulative destructive effects of these injections. Now, with these untested "bivalent" shots (with new formulas and improved spike proteins) being pushed into people 4 times a year, the crisis of "unexplained" deaths (SADS?) are going nowhere but up.

Will some new variant - created and released just like the previous ones - be used to justify the return of passports and mandates this winter? It looks that way.

We're told 75% of humanity has already been injected. Here in Canada, half the population opted to take a third shot, with a smaller number having accepted a fourth. Even if compliance is waning with each passing round, if these "new and improved" injections are required every 3 months for access to society, untold millions will be affected.

Those who comply with this "shots for life" strategy are literal slaves, accepting ANYTHING that comes from the state and big pharma, through a needle, and into their bloodstream. What could possibly go wrong?!

This is all exactly what I and other "crazy conspiracy theorists" have been saying was coming, for the past 2 years, and being silenced for. Now it's simply announced on the evening news: The government is going to inject you with a new formula every 90 days, otherwise you lose your job, your business, and access to society.

Does anyone not have a line in the sand, anymore? A point at which they will stand up and say "this has gone far enough"? Will anyone admit they were wrong to mock those of us who knew this was coming, and consider not dismissing all conspiracy theories automatically from now on?

During my 10 years working in acute psychiatry as a nurse, I had several patients who suffered from a persistent belief that government and big pharmaceutical corporations were conspiring to concoct injections and force those injections into them. They believed these shots would change their DNA, alter their behaviour, and/or degrade their health. Generally, these people were given the diagnosis "schizophrenia", "paranoid delusions", or "psychosis", and certified (held and treated against their will) for their own protection.

I now regret having been part of that process, taking a paycheck to remove the rights of innocent people for being "paranoid" of a frightening future that has actually come to pass.

Billions of people are about to embark on a permanent course of injections - ever changing, with no safety testing, and the makers immune from damages when things go wrong. This is a recipe for accidental or deliberate genocide, and almost nobody (except "crazy conspiracy theorists" like me) is talking about it.

Covid is no longer a threat to individuals or healthcare systems - the pandemic is over. Deaths have dropped almost to zero, worldwide. Why are we putting all our eggs in one basket?


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ooops like I mentioned before in some comments, maybe its time to leave this country which takes so much care of his citizens.
In the country the people will not change anything, not political and not legal !
Pack your baggs and show them the middle finger that´s the only way the will learn it, Canada isn´t what is was before it's just a money- and power-hungry monster which patronizes its citizens and strips them to the shirt, like the US and Germany for instance.

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Of course, but I have a crippled wife and 2 babies, and I am not given permission by the government to own or drive a vehicle, so we are on foot. Very hard to get anywhere. Also, I am not allowed a vaccine passport, nor am I allowed a regular passport, so it's not possible for me to leave this prison. If I had $100,000 I could solve most problems with money, but my heart is not pumping properly and I have intense constant pain in my nerves and joints, so it's very hard to get through the day. I try to earn money on Blurt, but that has fallen to pieces since the price crashed.

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oh shit man, that sounds really bad, so maybe than would be the best solution to stay and don´t shine up on their radar to bother your families life more than actually.
Hope there is a solution showing up in the nearer future for you on the horizon , my prayers for all of you !

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Oh my God! I have always been a part of the ones who do not believe in the vaccine. These people are trying to shorten people's life. How do they expect human beings to take four injections every year throughout his lifetime? That's crazy

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Dude, you all need to get Canada back. Holy crap. NWO is there in force.

Shots for life they probably won't have much of a life for long.



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Canada should stop with the conspiracy theories, says WEF..... lol

I always knew that what was created about Russia is to distract people from all this. And to show them how they kind of care about them. And now they are ready to give them another booster to close their deaths. Fantastic how many people are blind !

The imaginary disease never was a threat, but anyone who has the death shots has fucked up big time...

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