A few words and a poem

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I never imagined having a blog, a change of city and colleagues brought me here, if I had stayed where I was before, I would not have known what a blockchain was, nor cryptocurrencies, this world would still be an abstract concept for me.

I tell you that I liked the experience, I like to write, mostly, reflections and personal experiences; it is so easy for me, the words flow, while I leave in each line, something of me... it is my life that I capture, at least the part that I want to remember.

But this time I want to write something different, like a poem, which without further ado, I now share with you:

Something is troubling my soul...
Memories appear as flashes that I try to ignore.
I attack each one of them trying to recover,
That peace that I used to feel and that I don't find anymore

Something is troubling my soul...
Sometimes I think it's not about anything,
Sometimes I think it's all happening to me,
Although this may seem illogical.

Something is troubling my soul...
Announcing that I should pay attention,
To what is happening around me,
To what my inner self is screaming.

Something is troubling my soul...
I hallucinate with a before I don't want.
Longing for what I abhor...
My unconsciousness likes games.

Those times as a child,
to which I would never want to return,
they appear to make me understand,
that the past must be left behind.

Although everything now seems uncertain,
I affirm that everything will be fine.
Some lessons are there to be learned
and then to space to be detached.

I confess that poetry is not something that comes naturally to me, I don't feel it is my talent, however, sometimes it serves to express emotions, better than other types of narratives, depending on what I feel at the moment.

It is very nice to have this blank canvas, to create what goes through my mind.

I thank life for every opportunity to be.

To all of you, thank you for being here.

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