The Dairy Game [I'm participating in 30days challenge] ( 19 day a post)

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Hello my dear friends, I hope you are all well


My dear friends, today I will tell you all about my day. I hope you all will like it. I got up at 6:00 this morning. I got up, took a shower first and then I went out for a walk. I came home late and had breakfast and then I started preparing for school. When I finished school I did my photography which I will show you all. I hope you all like it. Will come



I went to school after taking photographs. I arrived at school in 15 minutes. My school holiday was at eleven o'clock today. When the holiday was over, I went home. After that I came back home. I came home and took off my clothes and then I washed my hands and then I ate Nedusper. After eating I went out for a walk. I walked outside for a while and then home. When I came back home, I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was three o'clock. I got up again and took a bath. After taking a bath, I drank tea. Then I went out. I have my own photography that I will show you





This was my day today. I hope you all liked it. My dear friends, Allah Hafiz

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catch me you can....... enjoy ..... but there is now down voting but direct suspension ,,, keeping eyes,,,

how many more accounts dear nisar you have here,,,,,, may i found through ip or through other source, new registration wonderful,, we need to verify this content proof from asif school