The Dairy Game [I'm participating in 30days challenge] ( 20 day a post)

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My dear friends, I hope you are all well and have a good life. I am well and the days of my life are going very well.

Today I will tell you all about my past day. I woke up at 6:00 this morning. I got up and went to the washroom first. Then I washed my hands thoroughly and then I washed my face. Then I went to my room. I went, I took a towel, I cleaned my face and then I said to my mother, give me some tea, my mother gave me some tea, then I drank some tea, after which I went out for a walk. He walked late and then I came back home. I came home and went to my room. I picked up my mobile and then I started using it. After a while I went to the shops. I bought a mango from the shop and I photographed it. Is what i will show you




Then I came back home. When I came home, lunch was ready. I ate lunch again. After a while, my friend's call came. He said, "I have got a new mobile phone. You check it." When he came home, he came a little later. I checked his mobile. His mobile was very good. Then I did some photography with him. I will show it to you. I hope you all like it.



After that my friend went back home. I also came back home. I came home and I fell asleep. After that, when I woke up, the adhan of Zuhr prayers was going on. I prayed and then came back home. I came home, drank tea and then started using my mobile. After a while, my mother said that there are no potatoes in the house and we have to cook today. You go to the shop and bring it. I took the money again. And I went to the store. I bought potatoes from the store and then I came back home. I came home and photographed the eyes that I will show you.



This was my circle today, God willing

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