The Dairy Game [I'm participating in 30days challenge] ( 22 day a post)

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I hope you are all well. And will be living their lives in good deeds. I am also fine. I hope you all enjoy working on this platform. I am also very happy to work on it.


It was six o'clock when I woke up this morning. I got up and took a shower first and then after taking a shower I went to my room. I picked up the towel and with it I dried my hair with it. Then I combed my hair. And then I went out for a morning walk for a while. I walked outside for a while and then came back home. When I got home, I asked my mother to bring me some tea. So today my mother did not bake bread for me. Because I had a cold today. So my mother cooked me an egg, not bread. Some time later my mother brought me tea and eggs.



After eating tea and eggs, I picked up my cell phone to play for a while. I turned on my cell phone for a while. When it was ten o'clock, my mother told me to bring some meat from the bazaar, so I went to the bazaar to get some meat. I went to the market and went to the butcher shop. There was a lot of rush. I was there for half an hour. When I took the meat, I returned home. When I got home, I told my mother that I had brought some meat. I gave the meat to my mother and went to my room. I went to the room and started using my mobile.



♦Noon Time☀️


It was time for lunch while I was using my mobile. Some time later, my mother told me that the food was ready. Come and eat, I said okay. I quickly got up from my bed and got up and washed my hands. After washing my hands, I went to the kitchen to eat. All my family members were there. I went there and sat down with all the family. I ate with all the family. And then I went out for a walk after dinner. When I went out, I had a friend there. I sat with my friend for a while. I sat and chatted with my friend for a while. And I came back home after a while. When I got home, I fell asleep.





After that, when I woke up, the Zuhr Adhans were going on. I got up quickly. I got up and took a bath and after taking a bath I went to the mosque to offer prayers. I went to the mosque and prayed and then returned home. I came home and drank tea.



After drinking tea I went out. I went to a store. I went to the store and bought some things and then I came back home. I came home and ate the item.



I was in my house when a messenger came to me. Let's go out for a while. Then I went out with him. We went there and started gossiping. And we've made some photos and videos. Which I would like to show you all.






My friend and I sat outside for a long time. After a while, the azans of Asr started. So my friend told me that I didn't even know Tom's address today. I told him you were right. Then I came back home. And when I came home, I performed Wudhu. And then I went to the mosque to pray. I went to the mosque and prayed and then returned home.

♦The End 🙌

My dear friends, this was the day I spent today. Today I have been busy all day. I don't know today. I hope you all like my diary. Friends now let me see you with the next post.

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