Beautiful photography of cucumber flowers

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Bismillahir Rahmani Rahim

Hello photography lovers how are you all? Hope you all are very well, I am also very well with your prayers and God's grace.

Dear friends today I will share another new photography with you. In today's photography I will share you cucumber flowers. Hope you like the photographs.




We all know Cucumber, Cucumber enhances the taste of food, especially with biryani or any meat curry, cucumber is essential. Eating cucumber at times of meals increases the taste of food. A lot of flavor is obtained by eating young cucumber with salt.

There are many benefits of eating cucumber, because of the water content in cucumber, it works great for flushing out the body's pollutants, and it also fulfills the water requirement of the body. Eating cucumber regularly helps to dissolve kidney stones. Cucumber also has many other benefits.




Cucumber is a climbing plant, we use cucumber as a vegetable. Cucumber originates from South Asia but can be found in almost all countries of the world. Because cucumbers are sold very well in the world market. Cucumbers are cultivated in most of the households during winter in Bangladesh. Lofts are made to cultivate cucumber trees beautifully, many people cultivate cucumber trees on the ground.

Cucumber plants have flowers before they grow, today I have shared with you only those cucumber flowers. Cucumber is made from this flower. Cucumber can be eaten raw and cooked with any curry. However, it tastes better when eaten raw.



The pictures of cucumber flowers that I shared with you today were taken with my SAMSUNG A52 5G mobile. I took these pictures myself.

A few days ago I went to Dhaka, my elder brother has a house in Dhaka, there is an empty space in front of that house, there are various kinds of trees planted, especially gourd trees, cucumber trees. From there I have collected today's pictures.

Thanks everyone for viewing my photography today and reading my post today.

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