"A New Bloom is Grace"

in photography •  2 months ago 

You hold me in your spirit while you watch the clouds
Watching them circle through the skies
Carving patterns against the black
Watching them lift and sigh

I wanna be the man in the middle of the night
Shining like its true
I wanna be the man that you run to whenever I call on you
I wanna be that

Cause it might be my time to breathe again
In spite of medicine and all the hard times
Thinking we could work again
Just make things fall back where they need to from the top of the mountain

And it reminding long since forgotten things to make alive
It's driving down but never looking back
It's taking away the pain to shed
In the end.

There's a new wind blowing as I've never known
I'm breathing deeper than I've ever done
When the words about love gone unspoken come out of your mouth
For what it's worth, I just wanna say.


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