"A Sunshine in The Shady Place"

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Her angel's face
As the great eye of heaven shined bright
And made a sunshine in the shady place
I thought my love, such as it was, was all too proud

In days gone by, and filled with happy grace
Thou spokes to me of my desire
And blushed for shame thyself for its aberrance
Thou spokes to me with smiles more kind

I want to be your angel
Stay by your side when the storm starts to shout
Through winds, rain, lightning, and thunder
Know I'm with you and hold you no matter what

Suddenly lost a friend to love
But I refuse to lose the grace
Going to wear my armor in this fight,
This battle for our lives

Keeping you in my heart, in my soul
Stay strong and brave, little one,
Don't give up so easily
Don't be discouraged, my sister, my friend

Believe you have a chance
You're not the only one who is on your own
Don't let go of their hand just yet
Because it takes a bit more than that to bring me down
I am standing on two feet and I will not stop trying.


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