Richmond at Night part I

in photography •  last year 

So a couple of days ago now I took my camera and headed out to Richmond park to take some photos. I honestly can't remember the last time I took my camera out just for fun. It has been my job for about 15 years until lockdown when all jobs stopped so I instead turned my hand to painting, teaching yoga online and a few other things.... sometimes being a jack of all trades is helpful. But I had honestly wanted to quit photography for a while, what was once a passion was really a chore and I never picked up my camera just for the enjoyment anymore. Partly the way social media has gone and the use of influencers rather than actual models was the cause, along with my spiritual awakening and probably in all fairness a bit of burn out from just shooting SO much and carrying my pretty heavy camera and kit around for years. Somehow all the enjoyment had drained, so I moved on to painting, art, crypto, plants, yoga etc etc The other day I just really enjoyed taking my camera out again though so I was actually really happy that I found I got my old hobby back. I honestly thought I might never enjoy photography again and I am one of these people who works really hard at something, but only if I enjoy it, so I had just dropped photography really entirely. These days I think I actually prefer shooting stock, locations, travel, macro flowers etc rather than people. But anyways I am just happy to have actually found there is still some joy for me in photography and maybe all I needed was a couple of years break. I have so many photos from the park but I also snapped a few on my way home walking through Richmond and I actually quite liked these night time shots. I have a lot so there will be a follow up post:)




















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What a surprise so you do have a real passion and talent for photography these are all superb photos I love night shots especially when they have all the right blends of colors I am really happy you picked that camera back up :)

awe thankyou yes I love shooting low aperture with available light even at night when the light allows!!

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed taking your camera out for a spin. Trust me I know what you mean when you say you get tired and burnt out of something. But it's nice coming back to it with a new fresh feel. That's kind of how I am with cooking. I'll get really into cooking, then eat out for the next six months. Then start cooking again. Beautiful shots too by the way and photographing at night with the lights is not easy. Well done!

Yeah i thought it might never happen for me actually to be passionate about it again so pleasant surprise :)

Wow!! I like them all. That night light felt good :)

and I always enjoy playing with camera.

Thankyou ❤️ I want to see some photos from the tribe!

Sure, I will but when I get back to the tribe. Now I don’t have any photos of it. :)

I'm dying to see some videos, tribe life really interests me actually because I sort of think it would be amazing, whilst at the same time limiting to what we know. Would you be able to live in it do you think?

Would you be able to live in it do you think?

Of course, I grew up there. So I have no problem living there. It’s a small village where I know everyone and everybody knows me.

I'm dying to see some videos, tribe life

Sure, I will make a video or a post about it when I get back there but now @world-travel-pro and I still on the way. It has been a long way. Lol

Also thanks for finding it interesting :)

I do find it interesting tho because to live in such a small off grid place is sort of an idyllic lifestyle but I wonder how the actual reality would be of it.

I guess that doesn’t always mean it’s easy once you’ve experienced something else. Like for example I could never go back to my home town now. Knowing everyone where you live can be a blessing and a curse haha I think I like the slight anonymity of London.

I see what you mean and I do agree with you “ it can be blessing and a curse” haha I like that. It’s so true. You can feel love and unloved at the same time.

I said I can live there maybe because my parents are still living there so it means I still have family there. That’s good enough for me to be able to live there.

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  ·  last year (edited)

Awesome photos! Love the colors! A bit POLAROIDic...📸

I'm on 66 percent now lol

Keep it up 😂😂😂😂

thankyou I love a film type style I try and make these high def cameras look as low quality as possible in photoshop haha I probably should just buy an old camera