"Back in Time"

in poem •  2 months ago 


As I look back on our memories
I can't help but feel a little bit of glee
I feel happiness reminiscing the beautiful past
The feeling still lingers in my heart

Just like the music that reminds me of the past
The happy times and the joy they brought us last
When we embraced our love and lived a happy life
I wish we had more time, more time together...

The days when our laughter filled up the air
Where it's just you and me in our adventures
But all that's left now are memories of the past
Of our joy so full, and love for each other

Every time I hear one of those old songs
It takes me back in time to when we were holding each other's hands
The way we use to laugh, walk barefoot on the sands
I wish we could go back to that time again

Memories of love, working together
Loving moments right here, right beside me tonight
Although the times we had were brief, I truly cherish them
Memories of a love that filled half of my lifetime.


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