Snake in the mall

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No, this is not the name of another cult movie starring Samuel L. Jackson. I don't know why the L in his name so important, lol.

Well, I was on my way to the mall and I found a crowd gathered near a storm drain. I stopped my scooter and checked and I saw the guy holding a snake.

He caught the snake after getting complains from residents. It is a huge king cobra I think. I have seen a lot of snakes but I can't recognise them with their names.

When I came back to my nursery I saw the son of our employee walking with a huge stick and I asked him what happens.

He told me someone saw a snake and he's trying to find it.

My luck! Two snakes in a day. Now I'm worried for my employees because they are the ones who take care of the nursery and can accidentally step on the snake or disturb it while cleaning the plants.





The snake will be taken to a forest and left to live it's life in peace.

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I think you should be asking is what snake preys is being attracted to your area. The snake itself might just be a symptom of a deeper problem. If your attracting mice because of, idk, people are throwing grains to attract birds, will also attract other small quiters like rats and mice.

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It's not an easy answer. We have always had snakes but they slowly started to disappear. Back when I was a kid we used to hear about a snake every other day.

I don't see any animal or birds as a problem or a symptom. I believe we share this world with all kinds of beings and snakes get attention because they have venom that kills humans.

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Its a good sign!!!
They represent transformation. . .shedding skin. . .🐍

But it's scary. We have a snake somewhere on my plot of land and my workers are scared. I know it represents change but change with fangs.

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I agree with blurtyield, the snakes are often more scared than the humans. . .
Most of them will not attack unless they feel threatened. . .

Just dont piss them off. LoL

The one on your farm is probably hideing from all those people. . .

(Though i heard them cobras, they dont like geminis. . .so perhaps better you stay away. . . )

Haha... Gemini! I'll have to hire a team of professional snake catchers for protection. 🤣

Fangtastic beasts... and where to find them ;-)
I once saw a snake fall out of a tree onto my porch - that was dumb, I thought.
It stared at me, I stared back - I'm like 20 times the size - guess who was more scared?
yeah, ok, wasn't a cobra - we more likely get pythons, tho it wasn't one.
You need some people who know how to handle snakes - not so hard but needs some skill.

We have urbanized ourselves so much that we don't know how to handle any kind of animals. Our first response is to get scared.

Our city is infested with Mongooses, they are everywhere. I see like 3 of them at my nursery. Whenever the snake decides to show up i hope the Mongooses will protect me. Lol

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Did the mongooses eat the stray dogs?
Cool, they have innate protection from snake venom - go for it! Mongoose Patrol!

I have never seen a mongoose eat or fight a stray dog.

They do kill birds. I don't know why. My neighbour's son loved pigeons and he started to buy as many and within a few months he had like 45-50 of them. And one day the Mongooses decided to kill all the pigeons and the kid was so sad. Poor kid.

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