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Hi Blurtians Power Up Day! Consistency is the key. I just want to share my latest power up. I was able to power up from my liquid blurt, 650 blurt power last Thursday and 500 today so a total of 1,150 blurt power for this week. It is now week 24 of my monitoring my power up. I just want to monitor my power up in weekly basis. I am doing this because I want to compare my own progress and monitor my weekly increase in blurt power. It is now over 6 months of powering up constantly.


Another thing is to increase my blurt power so I will have a bigger upvote. I want to contribute in the community by increasing the weight of my upvote so I can help my friends and other members of the community. Furthermore, it is important because it enhances the user experience, provides added value, supports personal growth above all it will help make blurt price stable or somehow increase.

With the liquid blurt that I claimed in my daily posts, I was able to gather few more daily and also from the daily and weekly contests that I joined. I was able to accumulate this much through my utmost effort in posting, commenting ang joining different blurt games.

My other source of liquid blurt is through my curation rewards. Though I got a little daily but once put together it would also increase my blurt and I can accumulate more eventually.

I believe that with my power up it can help me accumulate more blurt and eventually increase my vote value and somehow help my fellow blurtians and help maintain or make blurt price stable. This does not only leads to my personal growth in the platform but it also enables me or other users to build valuable professional connections and partnerships with the other members of the community.

So what are you waiting for, lets power up, help blurt and improve together.♥️👍

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