BBQ at home with my besties 📷

in r2cornell •  last month 

Good evening friends how are you I hope you all are enjoying the pleasant weather friends till today there was no work because the office is closed so me and some of my friends planned to make kebabs friends it is still raining And I am enjoying Kebabs and Tandoori Roti with my friends. Friends, let me tell you that I like to party very much and I often party together with my friends, I thought why not share it with you I hope you liked it and enjoy this amazing day too.


Friends, I think you also want to know this recipe, then friends, let me tell you that the first I cleaned the o well and dried its water and separated it, after that I used ginger garlic paste garam masala curd kebab masala very well mixed it and put the meat in it and then put a little mustard oil and put it in the fridge for half an hour. After half an hour, when I took it out from the fridge, the spices had already gone inside the chicken, I put it in the open stove and started to cook on flame and you can see how good the kebab is in this picture and that equally delicious to eat. I hope you will try this at your home. Thanks #Blurt


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