Looking for solutions to solve problems

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Most people believe that in life is a choice. But sometimes making a choice is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, it takes a long process to make the choice run smoothly.


In dealing with problems, prioritize a calm mind and try to solve it by not adding to the problem. Because most people add to the problem when solving problems. Sometimes the main problem is solved, but adds a new problem, instead of getting a new problem, there are several problems.

Every problem that comes, we should use it as a lesson to make ourselves better. We must be optimistic about the problems we are facing. Face the problem and never run away with the problem at hand.


Every problem there must be a way out, it's up to us to solve the problem we are facing. If you run away from the problem, then the problem is not solved, it will only increase the problem.

A person's maturity will be seen when they can solve problems and do not rely on others when solving problems. In solving problems, one must have the courage to take calculated decisions.

If you run away from the problem, then the problem will get bigger and not infrequently the problem will get more complicated if not resolved. The point is to solve the problem first and not run away from the problem.


Every problem has a solution and the ability to solve problems depends on a person, because different people will have different ways of dealing with problems, whether it is a complex problem or an easy problem.

Life experience is very influential in solving problems. Every problem encountered first identify the cause. After identifying the cause of the problem, then we look for the root of the problem.

Problems can be recognized immediately when new problems are found, but not immediately able to be solved. So make sure to identify the problem properly before looking for a solution.

Usually someone will forget to find solutions to problems because they are too focused on the problems at hand, this is wrong. Indeed, not everyone will be the same in addressing, and solving problems. Many are found when they are hit by problems, then people who are being hit by problems will fall and lose enthusiasm.


But instead, there are people who are in trouble, they will be more and stronger than before after they encounter problems. So what is needed in solving problems is to have the determination and positive response in dealing with the problems that are happening, and are sure to get a solution or a way out for every problem that is being faced.




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